Thursday, May 12, 2016

How Pain Management in Labor?

Surely we have never felt the pain his name. We can define pain as a sensory and emotional experience which is not pleasant from tissue damage actual or potential.contoh laporan keuangan

Pain also usually comes with other diseases. Here will be more specifically discusses the management of pain that occurs during labor.

In accordance with a quote from, pain in childbirth is the subjective experience of physical sensations associated with uterine contractions, cervical dilation and thinning and also decrease the fetus during labor.

Pain begins with the contraction of the uterus, which usually occurs on the 30th week pregnancy (Braxton hcks). This occurs due to changes in estrogen and progesterone but its irregular, painless and force of contraction by 5 mmHg.

Usually pain during childbirth caused by rangsanagan noiseptor in adnexal, uterine and pelvic ligaments. Bonica and MCDonald (1995) there are factors that support it, namely:

Pergangan the smooth muscle has been shown to be the stimuli on visceral pain.
Intetnsitas of pain may be associated with the formation of intrauterine pressure that adds to the structural dilatation.
When cervical dilatation quickly in women who did not give birth, they have yeri similar to those felt during uterine contractions.
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a doctor is doing massage for pregnant women (image: Google)

There are four stages in the pain, namely:

Is a process where a stimulus nyeridirubah into an electrical activity that will be accepted in nerve endings. Well these stimuli may be physical, chemical or temperature.

Is the process of delivering pain impulses from peripheral nerve nociceptors past the dorsal horn, from the cerebral cortex to the spinal.

Ie the process of internal control by the nerve, which may increase or reduce the pain impulses forwarding.strategi pemasaran

As for the classification of pain can be divided into two, namely

1.Klasifikasi in general:
Acute pain, now this pain is sudden, sngkat duration. Which is usually associated with anxiety.
Chronic pain, the pain is in contrast to the earlier one, this pain is deep, dull, often followed by a variety of disorders. And also usually starts slowly and will continue to rise slowly in per minute.
2.Klasifikasi pain specifically, consists of
Somatic pain and visceral pain, where the pain comes from the skin and tissue under the skin, the muscles and bones.
Radiating pain, which is usually unknown mna physical and psychosocial arise as a result.
As for some of the pain management in this, namely:

An act of hand muscles emphasis on soft tissue, usually in the tendon or tendon, without any shift in the position of the joint to reduce pain and produce realaksasi and improve circulation. The method of this massage:manajemen keuangan

methods Effluerage
Methods deep back massage
Methods firm counter pressure
abdominal lifting
Is freeing the mind as well as a load of tension deliberately sought and practiced. The benefits of this relaxation is:

Save energy and reduce fatigue
Calm the mind and reduce stress
Relieve pain
Well it is about management theories have had labor pains. May be beneficial to us all. thanks for menbaca our article, till the conference in the next article.