Thursday, May 12, 2016

5 Tips for Business Success Cafe

In a business we must require their management in order to achieve success. It is also needed in the cafe business, due to the good management cafe is expected to be crowded and obtaining huge turnover.

When we see that the current cafe business has been very much at all like mushrooms in the rainy season. For that we require management to make hallmark for our cafe. Thus, the cafe we ​​would be more desirable.bisnis rumahan

As I quoted from , the arrangement of the place and the dishes we should note. When we talk about the cafe certainly we would say a convenient, delicious meal, so we feel at home there.

Because of this cafe comes from outside negari, most dishes are sold too many foreign mimic the kinds of dishes. But before Indonesia also no outlet to hang like a coffee shop.

So we already were thinking of opening a cafe considerable capital required for existing facilities. But the idea of ​​the emergence of this cafe is a form of lifestyle, which likes to spend time with friends.

management cafe
we should have a chart that is rising (image: Google)

In this case the interest of the cafe can dkatakan many and come from some quarters. For that effort to open a cafe can be developed economically, we also can imitate cafe dishes but at a price affordable by all levels of society.

It is suitable for us who have barely enough capital, we can use a shop awning, front of house or outdoor cafe is only open at night. If we place sederhan magic into luxury then people will banayak coming.

For our cafe menu is affordable and preferably we can use engineering. Which menu in the cafe usually leaning western dishes are less acceptable enumerated by the tongue of Indonesia and also undesirable Indonesian people's pockets.peluang usaha

As for tips for menu display can be accepted by the Indonesian people's pockets:

1.Memilih economically valuable materials
We can choose items that are quite economical will tetpi have a good quality it needs. It can be obtained by visiting our own suppliers, or replace ingredients derived from Indonesia without losing quality.

2.Mengurangi servings
When the cafe where we carry the typical menu price is economical, we can reduce the portion in order to reduce the price. So that buyers can reach the menu, and most importantly, the seller does not lose.

3.Menyesuaikan local flavors
Equally important is creating a menu that can be accepted by the tongue of Indonesia. Because not foreign cuisine can be accepted by the tongue of Indonesia. Because we are Indonesian consumers should be able to customize it.cara membuat email

4.Menambahkan typical menu Indonesia
Now we should be able to add our cafe menu with Indonesian food, because sometimes people prefer to Indonesian cuisine rather than abroad. So that our cafe more visitors than some food lovers.

5.Memperjelas featured menu
We must also highlight one of sau our menu. So that we can focus more on the menu. But we also should not remove the hand with the quality of the manu others.

Well demikain penjelaan about management cafe, with good management we can maximize the capital that we have and create maximum profit.

Hopefully this article was helpful for us all, and see you on the other articles.